Commonly asked questions about our camps and events

In general all our events are free. Conferences may have a cost, but will have free spaces available.

Yes, we provide food and drinks. All the food is vegetarian with no peanuts and also halal.

Yes all travel costs are covered but must be agreed upfront.

We have women only retreats, family camps (parents are responsible for their own children), teenager camps (12-18 years) and primary camps (8-11 years).

Yes we do accommodate those with disabilities. Some of our families may have someone with a disability or behavioral needs.

Yes we can accommodate cultural needs. Some of our families are from Afro Caribbean or Muslim backgrounds. There is no pressure to shake hands with the opposite gender and for those who pray, you can do so in your tents.

This will be most campers’ first time.

English might not be our families first language but all will speak some English.

All the food is vegetarian with no peanuts or pork allowed to suit those with a halal diet and those with a nut allergy. All allergies must be highlighted in advance of our camps.

We do not allow people to bring their own food due to many of our families having a dietary requirement and allergies. Pork and peanuts are banned from our camps.

Ayesha and Shane are our first aiders with outdoor pediatric training.

Ayesha is our safeguarding lead for any concerns.

Yes we have Public Liability Insurance and all our volunteers are covered under it with our events.

No, parents can not attend as volunteers unless with prior agreement due to special circumstances. These parents who attend are not volunteers but still need to comply with all volunteers rules plus other rules will also apply.